Friday, February 26, 2010

I’m Going To Start My Diet Monday, For Sure

If I had a nickel for every time I said that, I’d be a very rich woman.  It always sounded so logical to me all those times that I said it.  Who wants to start a diet on the weekend anyway?  And who starts a diet mid-week, right smack in the middle of all it’s busyness?  Monday has always been the starting point for every dieter I know.  Live it up one last weekend, eating and drinking everything in sight, buy all the necessities to start your diet successfully, and then jump in on Monday morning…full steam ahead, and hope for the best.  I guess really, the ultimate question here for any dieter is, who wants to start a diet at all.  Nobody WANTS to start a diet so we just say we’ll start on Monday and hope that this will be the Monday that we really mean it.

I can remember the first time I told my husband that I would start my diet on Monday.  “Why wait until Monday?  If you want to go on a diet start now.”  He just didn’t get it.  Of course, he’d also never been on a diet before either.  He didn’t understand that there was A LOT of prep work involved in dieting.  First and most importantly, there were about a hundred cravings that I had to get out of my system…things like pizza, anything and everything on the McDonalds menu, and basically, anything that fell under the category of fried, processed, and really bad for you.  If it’s not good for me, I want it.  And secondly, if you’re a junk food junkie like me, you have to rid your house of all that temptation, and the only way to do that is to eat it all, right?  After all, you can’t let it all go to waste can you?

The ironic thing here is that I started this blog on a Friday, the same day that I decided that the diet must begin immediately.  Maybe it was the fact that I’m 43 years old and have started living every day in fear for my life that made me realize that waiting until Monday was just plain stupid.  Did I really need to pig out on every kind of food that’s bad for me before another Monday rolled along?  How many Mondays had I wasted already and how many would I continue to waste?  And you know those wasted Mondays came on the heels of several days of pure gluttony in advance of diet deprivation.

I finally understood my husband’s reasoning.  For someone who had never dieted a day in his life, he actually made sense.  Why should I, or anyone else for that matter, wait several days to get healthy?  I should have enough respect and love for myself and the people who care about me to start taking control of my life immediately.  I had finally awakened to it:  Life is too short and too precious to waste it slowly killing myself on junk.

So here I am one week into my diet that started on a Friday and doing and feeling great.  I actually achieved and maintained success without having to wait until Monday to do it.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been successful when starting a diet on a Monday.  Has Anyone? 

I’ll be weighing myself tomorrow morning (always get weighed in the morning), and I can’t wait to see what the scale says.  You know I’ll be checking in here tomorrow to let you all know how I did.  I’ll either be giddy with excitement over my success or I’ll be one very frustrated dieter.  But either way, I will turn to this blog instead of into the drive-thru at the closest McDonalds.  Wish me luck!!

Until tomorrow…


  1. You can do it, tomorrow will be a good day no matter what the scale says, trust me. You should also read Fast Food Nation, you will lose all cravings for McDonald's (trust me on this also, I know how things gross you out)

  2. Even if the scale hasn't moved, you're already winning. You've committed to not just losing weight but getting healthy, physically yes, but also mentally and THAT is the real battle you're fighting. You're gonna do great tomorrow!

  3. Good Luck for tommorow's weigh-in.
    Monday's are never a good day to start(for me that is) reason being then you have to weigh-in the following Monday (right after the weekend).
    Weekends are always my worst time...My weigh-ins are now on Saturdays, and I take Saturday & Sunday off from exercise. this works out well for me, because if I "stumble" over the weekend...I have ALL week to get my butt back in gear before my next weigh-in, hehe.

    Good luck to you tommorow...and have a great weekend :)

  4. Before you even step on that scale, you KNOW that things are better. Scales lie--a lot. They can only be ONE measure on your road to success. The best measure is how you are feeling. I am sure the scale will be positive tomorrow (I mean in a good way not in weight gain!), but know even before you stand on that scale that you have achieved a WHOLE bunch but sticking to it for 7 days. Good luck, and I eagerly await tomorrow's results!

  5. Good for you...well done starting on the Friday. I have always started on a Monday too...mainly because I like to be prepared...get my head in the right place...warn the family things are going and not be brought again...LOL...then I shop on the weekend so that there are only the right things in the family are wonderful...gosh we never have potato's in the house anymore and they survive it...they know what I can and can't have and are very good in not bringing it into the house....look forward to following your success...hugs Khris in Oz

  6. This is why I started my "diet" on December 1st....even with the holidays on the horizon. There's never a "good" time to diet. It's always going to be tough. Good for you for starting in the moment!

  7. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog - I found you through the Healthy Weight Loss Challenge! We seem to have a lot in common - I'm a SAHM, 41, have 3 kids, married for 15 years, have 100 pounds to lose this year, and started my healthy life style on a Tuesday (Jan 5th - how weird is that?!). I'm currently half-way through week 8. So far this is my most successful attempt at weight loss in a decade of trying. I think the main reason is FINALLY finding an exercise that I actually ENJOY. I'll keep checking in on you and would if you visited me, too! ~ Angie ( I couldn't get the post accepted with my wordpress ID...